Palm Tungsten advances to T2

Palm's Tungsten T2 handheld computer, released yesterday, has the same 4-inch frame and 5.6-ounce weight as its T1 predecessor, but with a more powerful 144-MHz Texas Instruments processor.

Palm Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., gave the T2 the new Palm OS 5.2.1, which lets users access and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, as well as play MP3 and video files without having to install any extra software.

The T2 also got a long-anticipated memory boost, doubling the T1's 16M to 32M of synchronous dynamic RAM, which makes the built-in applications run with greater speed and ease.

Like the T1, the T2 comes with embedded Bluetooth wireless connectivity and device drivers for many Bluetooth phones, including the Nokia 6310i, Motorola TP280 series, and Sony Ericsson T39m and T68i.

Palm has changed the LCD to resemble those of the Zire 71 and Tungsten C, capable of 320- by 320-pixel resolution in 16-bit quality.

Another big change: The Tungsten T2 lists for $399, $100 less than the T1's initial price. Palm also has cut list prices for two other models. The m130 has gone from $199 to $179 and the m515 from $299 to $249.

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