State lines

Certified and approved. The Federal Public Key Infrastructure Bridge Authority earlier this month certified Illinois as the first state to have access to the gateway. The authority sets standards that let government organizations accept other agencies' digital certificates. The move should make Illinois' collaboration with federal agencies simpler and quicker.

State officials signed a memorandum of understanding with officials from the Federal Bridge, which is run by the General Services Administration, said Georgia Marsh, associate director for the Illinois Revenue Department.

Illinois released its first cross-governmental PKI application in March, when it let business owners apply for state and federal employer tax identification numbers simultaneously. State businesses can get federal EIN numbers through the Business Compliance One-Stop e-government project managed by the Small Business Administration.

Data integration. Maricopa County, Ariz., has consolidated five criminal justice systems at five agencies to improve case management.

Before the consolidation, the five agencies had different processes for naming cases, not to mention five IT departments and computer systems.

It created 'extra seams in the system,' said Larry Bernosky, manager of data integration projects for the Integrated Criminal Justice Information System.

County officials unified their systems under ICJIS using an architecture based on Java2 Enterprise Edition, Web application tools and middleware to link existing systems.

Beginning Jan. 2, cases were assigned a single number at the initial court appearance, Bernosky said.

Development of ICJIS cost $150,000, he said. When fully deployed, it will serve 1,000 users. About 20,000 cases since Jan. 2 have been assigned common case numbers.


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