Bluetooth adapters add a wireless dimension to printing

Bluetooth printer adapters are helping set a new standard for wireless printing. By replacing the parallel cable of the printer, these adapters allow easy wireless printing from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as notebook PCs, personal digital assistants and mobile phones.

Just unplug the printer cable and plug in the adapter. You can print without cables within Bluetooth's range.

Bluetooth adapters with Microsoft Windows Plug and Play capability are easy to install and don't require line-of-sight between sending and receiving devices.

Adapters with support for the Serial Port Profile allow wireless printing from any Windows application to any printer.

Those with support for the Object Push Profile allow wireless printing of ready-to-print files, such as electronic business cards, calendar entries and messages, to any printer.

And adapters supporting the Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile allow wireless printing from any Windows application to any printer and also let Windows discover and install printers with the Bluetooth printer adapter attached.

Bluetooth printer adapters are available from their manufacturers or from online computer supply vendors and generally cost between $100 and $200.


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