Quick look: Computer speaker system

If you rely on your computer for audio as well as text data, you've got to have good speakers. Bose Corp. of Worcester, Mass., famous for high-end home speaker systems, has come out with a 300-watt computer speaker system with subwoofer and two external speakers.

Each external speaker on the FreeStyle Speaker System measures 8.7 by 19.9 by 13.6 centimeters and is capable of a sound better than any other computer speaker system we've heard in the GCN Lab.

The tower-shaped subwoofer, which is 36.7 by 22.2 by 48.5 centimeters, connects to a third console that directs the data from the computer to the speakers and vice versa.

Unlike most high-end computer speaker designs, which place the connection to the PC on the back of the subwoofer, Bose's adds a third box that also acts as a receiver for a remote control.
This third peripheral makes installation easier because the subwoofer doesn't have to be close to the other two speakers for the cables to reach.

As the audio element of presentations becomes more important, having a system that sounds as good and installs as easily as the Bose FreeStyle is important, and worth the $399 price.

Off the record, the FreeStyle is ideal for movie or DVD playback because it's designed to provide surround digital sound to listeners wherever they sit.

Price: $399
Phone: 508-879-7330

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