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The following list includes vendors that offer software development kits and speech recognition engines.

BeVocal Inc. is a provider of managed VoiceXML services and offers the free Caf' VoiceXML development kit.

BrightArrow Technologies Inc. of Redmond, Wash., 425-558-2100, www.brightarrow.com, markets speech recognition telephony applications.

Command Corporation Inc. of Alpharetta, Ga., 770-360-1230, www.commandcorp.com, sells the In Cube voice recognition engine and applications for a variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows 3.1. In Cube has a very small footprint.

LocusDialog Speech Technology Solutions of Montreal, 512-954-3804, www.locusdialog.com, produces speech telephony products.

Marine Acoustics Inc. of Annapolis, Md., 410-626-9850, www.voxtec.com, sells VoxTec, a speaker-independent, large-vocabulary speech recognition application for all high-end personal digital assistants. The company produces a ruggedized PDA for the Pentagon.

Microsoft Corp., 425-882-8080, www.microsoft.com, offers .Net Speech SDK, which adds speech tools to the Microsoft .Net development environment.

NeuVoice Inc. of Teddington, England, 44-20-8943-4392, www.neuvoice.com, has developed NeuVoice VR1, a powerful voice recognition system for embedded and mobile applications.

Nortel Networks Ltd. of Brampton, Ontario, 903-863-0000, www.nortelnetworks.com, provides various telephony and server-based speech recognition development products.

Philips Electronics North America Corp. of New York, 800-326-6586, www.speech.be.philips.com, develops speech telephony and IT speech recognition and dictation systems, software development kits, and markets dictation hardware.

ScanSoft Inc. sells a fleet of developer tools for its products.

SpeechWorks International Inc. of Boston, 617-428-4444, www.speechworks.com, offers SpeechSecure, a Biometric speaker verification system, and OpenSpeech Recognizer, a telephony recognition engine optimized for VoiceXML.

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