Linux, Mac OS added to Federal Enterprise Architecture platforms

Linux, Mac OS added to Federal Enterprise Architecture platforms

The Office of Management and Budget added Linux and Mac OS to the list of supporting platforms under the Technical Reference Model of the Federal Enterprise Architecture.

The Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office today released Version 1.1 of the TRM with these changes and others. OMB released the first version of the reference model in June along with Version 2 of the Business Reference Model and Version 1 of the Service Component Reference Model (see story).

In Version 1 of the TRM, OMB included only Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Java 2 Micro Edition, Microsoft .Net and Windows 2000, and wireless and mobile technologies as supporting platforms, which are the underlying technologies to make systems interoperable. But the program office added Linux and Mac OS X, as more and more agencies use these technologies.

OMB also updated the diagrams and illustrations to use consistent terms and reduced the number of service core areas from five to four. It moved database access, privacy, message-oriented middleware and object request broker into the service interface and integration layer. This layer refers to technologies, methodologies, standards and specifications that govern how agencies will work with the service component. It also defines the methods by which components will operate and integrate with back-office and legacy systems.

To read the updated TRM, click here.


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