Matchup: Solid state systems

Match each CIO in the left column with the state in the right
column whose systems he or she oversees.

1. Rock Regan

2. Stuart McKee

3. Steven L. Henderson

4. Thomas Jarrett

5. Clark Kelso

6. George Newstrom

7. George Bakolia

8. Arthur Stephens

9. Thomas B. Collins

10. Scott Kennedy

11. Lester Nakamura

12. John P. Gillespie

13. Paul D. Wharton

14. Robert Anderson

15. Peter Quinn

16. Gregory S. Jackson

17. Aldona K. Valicenti

18. Reggie David

19. Tom Wade

20. Moira Gerety

___ Alabama

___ California

___ Connecticut

___ Georgia

___ Hawaii

___ Illinois

___ Iowa

___ Kentucky

___ Massachusetts

___ Minnesota

___ Nebraska

___ New Hampshire

___ New Mexico

___ North Carolina

___ Oklahoma

___ Pennsylvania

___ Rhode Island

___ Delaware

___ Virginia

___ Washington


1. Paul D. Wharton, Alabama

2. Clark Kelso, California

3. Rock Regan, Connecticut

4. Tom Wade, Georgia

5. Lester Nakamura, Hawaii

6. Scott Kennedy, Illinois

7. John P. Gillespie, Iowa

8. Aldona K. Valicenti, Kentucky

9. Peter Quinn, Massachusetts

10. Reggie David, Minnesota

11. Steven L. Henderson, Nebraska

12. Robert Anderson, New Hampshire

13. Moira Gerety, New Mexico

14. George Bakolia, North Carolina

15. Gregory S. Jackson, Ohio

16. Arthur Stephens, Pennsylvania

17. Thomas B. Collins, Rhode Island

18. Thomas Jarrett, Delaware

19. George Newstrom, Virginia

20. Stuart McKee, Washington


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