GN Netcom 9120

GN Netcom 9120

Quick look: Wireless headset phone

The GN 9120 wireless headset from GN Netcom Inc. of Nashua, N.H., brings new meaning to the term hands-free.

The 2.4-GHz GN 9120 can provide wireless telephony at a range of up to 300 feet from the wireless bay station that connects to a telephone line.

Although several other wireless devices operate at this frequency, such as IEEE 802.11b access points and PC clients, the GCN Lab experienced no interference with the phone. This was despite having three 802.11b AP units in our network communicating with 12 working wireless clients, some located next to the GN 9120 receiver.

Using the Digital Spread Spectrum protocol, the 9120 switches channels 90 times per second, keeping other 2.4-GHz devices out of the telephony signal.

One of the main concerns about cordless telephony is security. GN Netcom has included two features to secure the signal between the headset and the wireless bay station. The 64-bit encryption will give hackers a hard time trying to decode the signal, if they can get it at all. A second security feature, called intelligent power management, automatically regulates the signal strength depending on how far the headset is from its wireless bay station. That means the signal goes no further than it has to, making interception a challenge.

Each headset can communicate for up to eight hours before needing a battery recharge, done by connecting it to the bay station. The 9120 also is capable of holding conference calls through multiple headsets, though a conference currently is limited to four users.

Price: $349 or $205 GSA

Phone: 800-826-4656


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