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Quick look: Image organizer

Nowadays most people have e-mail accounts and many have digital cameras. Although sending images is sometimes the tough part of the equation, explaining what they mean can be even tougher.

If, for example, you send your boss a picture of several people at a meeting or conference, it can become a guessing game to match names with the faces.

Minolta Corp. has software that lets you caption, edit and annotate digitally captured images before sending them.

DiMage Messenger digital image software sells for only $50 and costs less on the Internet. DiMage installs easily on a 133-MHz Pentium I or faster system with at least 64M of RAM; you can add comments about an image while highlighting sections of it, then e-mail or print the photo with those annotations.

This tool would be a help to anyone on the road who has to submit complex photos outlining work.
Likewise, the software lets the recipients of the annotated images make changes or comments and print or send them back.

Another useful tool in Messenger can edit an image for print so that certain features are highlighted. If the on-page comments require it, sections of an image can be enlarged, centered and titled.

Price: $50

Phone: 201-825-4000

[email protected] www.minolta.com

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