Samsung V205

Samsung V205

Quick look: Cell phone and digital camera combo

The Samsung V205 sounds like a shampoo by Alberto-Culver but is actually a powerful, compact cell phone.

It comes with a digital camera located at the center of the clamshell chassis. Although the camera can record only small images'kilobytes in size'the pictures are small enough to send via cellular connection to another user with a color cell phone capable of receiving images. Pictures also can be e-mailed to a PC or displayed on the background of the V205.

What I don't like about the V205 are the built-in ring tones. The phone's good processor speed and speaker sound make each ring polyphonic, loud, and complete with vocal and clapping effects.

When the phone rings in a business setting, it's embarrassing. It sounds as if you're in a cheesy disco club in Manhattan or Hollywood. I suggest downloading a simpler ring.

The V205 comes with Internet capabilities, an organizer and'its most impressive feature'two batteries. One battery is slim for portability; the other is larger and provides up to four hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby.

The V205 measures 91 by 47 by 23 millimeters and weighs a mere 3.6 ounces, despite having the built-in camera and a high-resolution, 128- by 160-pixel screen capable of displaying 65,000 colors.

But perhaps the best thing of all is the phone's $249 list price. With rebates, we were able to find it online for as low as $200.

Price: $249

Phone: 800-726-7864

[email protected]


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