Major programs within the Department of Justice

Jutnet. The Justice Uniform Network will replace the Justice Consolidated Network that ties together the department's offices. When it is complete, Jutnet will provide interoperability across the department's components, such as the FBI, U.S. Attorneys' offices and Federal Bureau of Prisons. Justice wants to operate Jutnet as a managed service and will seek a contractor that offers improved fault tolerance and provides a network that can transfer data, voice and images. The project is also aimed at eliminating redundant features of JCN. Justice officials plan to award a contract for Jutnet later this year.

JABS. Justice seeks to expand use of the Joint Automated Booking System to other law enforcement agencies. The program, which costs approximately $15 million annually, provides a system for police to gather information from individuals they arrest and compare it to FBI records. The system won a Showcase of Excellence Award at the FOSE 2003 conference in Washington.

Grants Management System. The Office of Justice Programs has developed a back-office application for grants management that handles grant information through the evaluation process, to approval and funding, and from there to the payment of funds and tracking of the grants.

Law Enforcement Information Sharing initiative. CIO Vance Hitch has started LEIS to foster coordination among law enforcement programs at the federal, state and local levels. The project is aimed at guiding the direction of applications the department is developing to encourage information sharing among law enforcement entities.

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