Outlook 2003 cracks down on spam

Microsoft Outlook 2003, the e-mail client of the new Office suite slated for October release, cranks up the relatively weak antispam capability of its predecessors.

The junk e-mail filter, which is set low by default, now will monitor received mail by time and content, and sort suspected spam into a junk folder.

For example, Outlook would recognize as junk a message that arrived at 3 a.m. with a subject line containing your name or something similar. Likewise, e-mails containing HTML in the message body would be routed to the junk folder.

To crack down even harder on spam, Outlook 2003 can set up a Trusted Senders list, defined by the user. Any mail from those senders would not be treated as spam, but Outlook will block or junk every other message. That would eradicate any possibility of unwanted e-mail.

For users who take a slightly less draconian approach, a Block Senders list will automatically refuse any message from designated senders.

Microsoft Corp. has promised automatic updates for Outlook 2003 users to guard against future junk mailers' practices.

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