As autumn arrives, 73.2 million U.S. residents are in school'nursery to college. A lot of systems are booting up, the Census Bureau says.

In the nation's 111,000 elementary and secondary schools, students will use 13.6 million computers, according to the bureau, or about one computer for every four students.
Ninety-eight percent of public schools have Internet access. That rate was 50 percent in 1995.

Whether students have computers or not, statistics continue to show that education pays. According to bureau statistics, people with law, medicine and other professional degrees earn on average $4.4 million over their careers. Doctorates garner $3.4 million, and master's degrees $2.5 million.

Only got a bachelor's degree? Expect to earn $2.1 million. High school graduates tally $1.2 million and high-school dropouts earn $1.0 million.

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