Locator serves up a family's just desserts

For 15 years, a Washington state businessman paid his taxes but failed to send a single child support check to his ex-wife and three children'twins and a child with cerebral palsy.

When he was about to close a high-dollar business deal abroad, he learned that his passport application had been denied. The Federal Parent Locator System had found him and his wallet.

The businessman's attorney called the ex-wife and offered her $15,000 to close the case quietly. She decided instead to call her caseworker, who said she was owed more than four times that amount.

She declined the offer. Her ex even called her to threaten that she should 'take it, or leave it' and get nothing. She left it. But she didn't get 'nothing.'

A few days later, she received another phone call, this time from the state's child support enforcement agency.

Officials told her that her ex-husband had signed over to them a check for $96,000'the full amount he owed'in order to get overseas for his business deal.

The woman received $67,000; $29,000 went to the state's welfare reform program

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