PowerSuite edits video data on a DVD drive

PowerSuite edits video data on a DVD drive

NewSoft America Inc., an optical character recognition software vendor, is moving into video and DVD editing with Presto DVD PowerSuite, which can record from a camcorder directly onto DVD without undergoing intermediate processing on a PC hard drive.

The $90 PowerSuite, for DVD recordable and rewritable drives, will be available early next month. It consists of a video disk creator plus programs that record to disk, edit disks or video, play media, create data disks, copy disks and create music disks. Video editing can be done on the DVD drive without the time-consuming steps of saving to a hard drive and rerendering the data.

Officials of NewSoft of Fremont, Calif., said they tried to make the software as simple as possible with large, easily understood icons. Image editing programs tend to be power-hungry and processor-intensive, so NewSoft has stopped motion of images in certain portions of the software until the data is on DVD.

PowerSuite runs under Microsoft Windows 98 and later Windows operating systems. A Mac OS version and a professional edition are slated to come out by January. Visit www.newsoftinc.com for more information, and stay tuned to the GCN Lab for a comprehensive look at DVD PowerSuite's speed and ease of use.


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