Colo. does PC transplants to speed migration

Officials at Colorado's Transportation Department estimate they save $250,000 a year by upgrading client PCs with migration tools from Altiris Inc. of Lindon, Utah.

The department used Altiris' Deployment Solution suite
to migrate 2,350 PCs in seven domains and 51 locations from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000, with a single Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Kevin Schade, an IT professional with the Colorado department, said he and a team of 17 used the suite's PC Transplant tool to reimage software and restore each PC for its user.

Schade said he can now upgrade a computer in about 50 minutes, 'as opposed to what used to take six or seven hours.'

The Altiris tools can transplant personal screensavers, wallpaper and any other elements a user wants to keep. 'Users are thrilled when they find the new machine looks just like their old machine,' he said.

The department's Denver offices have about 900 PCs; six regional offices each have 70 to 200 PCs. Smaller offices have about 20 PCs each, and sand sheds for the state's snow plows have one to three PCs with dial-up connections to the Windows 2000 network, Schade said.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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