Major programs within CMS

Telephone Customer Service. CMS has awarded contracts totaling $1.5 billion to six vendors to boost service for Medicare beneficiaries using the 800-Medicare help line. The agency will use the Next Generation Desktop application to give all customer service representatives the same Medicare information, instead of operators at different call centers having different information. The program includes a national interactive voice response system, scripting for customer service representatives and call center operation for the Medicare Choices Helpline.

Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System. HIGLAS will replace disparate financial systems with a Web accounting system that users will access with a password. It ultimately will combine more than 50 systems used by insurers that process 3 million Medicare claims daily. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP of New York, the systems integrator for the project, received a $328.4 million contract in 2001 to field an enterprise resource planning system. HIGLAS will roll out in phases through 2006.

Consolidated IT Infrastructure. Lockheed Martin Corp. provides data center management services and supports mainframe operations at CMS' Bureau of Data Management and Strategy for processing some Medicare claims from physicians. Lockheed Martin provides computer security, database programming and administrative support.

Medicare Integrity Program. GHI Medicare of New York is coordinating benefits and consolidating activities to collect, manage and report health insurance coverage of Medicare beneficiaries. The company will match CMS data against information from the IRS and Social Security Administration.


  • senior center (vuqarali/

    Bmore Responsive: Home-grown emergency response coordination 

    Working with the local Code for America brigade, Baltimore’s Health Department built a new contact management system that saves hundreds of hours when checking in on senior care centers during emergencies.

  • man checking phone in the dark (Maridav/

    AI-based ‘listening’ helps VA monitor vets’ mental health

    To better monitor veterans’ mental health, especially during the pandemic, the Department of Veterans Affairs is relying on data and artificial intelligence-based analytics.

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