Report details spending for federal systems R&D

Report details spending for federal systems R&D

The administration wants to pump $2.15 billion into the government's Networking and IT R&D Program next year, a $171 million increase over this year, according to a new White House report.

The study, Advanced Foundations for American Innovation, supplements the president's fiscal 2004 budget request. The White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy report highlighted the role that networking and IT developed through federal research plays in bolstering national security and scientific leadership.

The NITRD Program encompasses fundamental research done by several Defense and civilian agencies. The agencies carry out research in several areas: high-end computing; human-computer interaction and information management; large-scale networking; software design and productivity; high-confidence software and systems; and the social, economic and work force implications of IT.

The report cited a variety of projects, ranging from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Phraselator language translation device and unmanned aerial vehicles to a fire simulation program developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and a propulsion system simulator developed by NASA.

Besides funding for NITRD projects, the president's 2004 budget proposal includes $123 billion overall for R&D, a 7 percent increase over this year, the report said.


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