Corps' IT official discusses lessons from Iraq

Although the Marine Corps deployed its most advanced systems in Iraq, there were still technical snafus, deputy CIO Debra Filippi said today.

The Corps had problems communicating on the move, identifying enemy and friendly units, and crossing the digital divide between operational and tactical forces, Filippi said at an Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association's Northern Virginia chapter luncheon. The service is reviewing its experiences and deciphering how best to make improvements in its deployable IT, she said.

The Marine Corps Tactical Data Network extended 375 miles ashore, and new command, control, communications and computer systems debuted and were successful, Filippi said.

Still, the Corps had difficulty integrating the many so-called Blue Force Tracking systems used throughout the battlefield into a single common operational picture of friendly and enemy forces, she said. Despite the use of updated troop-tracking software, each of the services saw only a partial picture of enemy and friendly forces.

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