Sony displays cameras of unparalleled quality

Sony displays cameras of unparalleled quality

LAS VEGAS'The Sony Cyber-shot F-series DSC-F828 digital camera, on display at Comdex this week, is the first camera to use Sony Electronic Inc.'s new four-color filter and Real Imaging Processor technology.

The DSC-F828 is for professional photographers, and with its magnesium alloy frame it even looks it. The camera's charge-coupled device adds an emerald color filter to the pre-existing red, green and blue filters and makes the blue, blue-green and red hues in images more lifelike.

Unlike previous F-series cameras, which only accept proprietary MemoryStick media, the DSC-F828 accepts Type I and Type II media, as well as Microdrive hard disks.

Sony also has increased the image-processing speed. The $1,200 DSC-F828 captures 8-megapixel images in five to seven seconds, about half the time it takes a typical 5-megapixel camera to do so.

The Park Ridge, N.J., company also had its soon-to-be released $550 Cyber-shot T1 on display at the trade show. It's no larger than a deck of cards.

Despite the small form factor, the T1 shoots full-resolution images in one-second intervals and can capture up to four burst shots in less than two seconds at 5-megapixel quality.

Sony plans to make the T1 available in January.

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