Undelete utility goes enterprisewide

Undelete utility goes enterprisewide

LAS VEGAS'Undelete utilities, common at the client level, are moving to the server level to protect enterprises from accidentally deleted files.

Undelete 4.0 server from Executive Software International Inc. of Burbank, Calif., provides instant data protection for Microsoft Windows systems once installed.

Network users can get their deleted data back from the server, where most valuable corporate data is stored, without having to wait days for IT staff to recover the data from backup tapes.

The interface gives users a familiar view of data. It looks very much like their standard desktop. Rather than viewing all data that resides on a server and requiring special administrator privileges, Undelete 4.0 lets users retrieve and recover their files without any special configuration by the system administrator.

'Everyone has accidentally deleted a file at some point. It's not only frustrating, but it can also be very costly,' Bert Kleinschmidt, Undelete program manager, said yesterday at the Comdex trade show. 'Undelete can recover a file in seconds with only a couple of mouse clicks and save hours looking through backup tapes that may have incomplete data.'

Undelete is even able to recover files that are completely bypassed by the standard recycle bin in Windows. The new server version of Undelete retails for $299.95.

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