Comdex: Motorola phones span world

The tri-band Motorola V300 wireless phone comes with a bright color screen capable of displaying up to 65,000 colors, plus an integrated VGA-quality camera and Multimedia Message Service capability.

The V300 has easy-to-read caller ID, a picture phonebook and fast download speeds. It adjusts its signal to work in more than 100 countries via the Global System for Mobile communications protocol's 900- and 1,800-MHz frequencies in Europe and the Orient as well as North America's 1,900-MHz band.

The quad-band V600 adjusts to an additional 850-MHz frequency band used for analog communications. It has a camera plus integrated Bluetooth radio communications through an HS810 wireless headset, which measures 5 by 3 by 2 centimeters in size and needs recharging only after five hours of use or 100 hours of standby.

The quad-band V600 phone, not yet priced, can cover more global areas than the $100 V300, making it the better choice for agency users always on the go. (Click for link to announcement)

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