Air Force draws picture of space assets

Air Force draws picture of space assets

Next month, the Air Force will jump-start an effort to consolidate its space assets into a single, integrated system picture.

The Air Force Space Command's Single Integrated Space Picture will combine space information in a common desktop environment. In January, the command will begin the first phase of consolidating systems, including the Space Battle Management Core System, said Col. Mike McPherson, chief of the Architecture and Integration Division of the command's Logistics and Communications Directorate.

In the second phase, the Air Force will test the system during August's Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment.

Space-based capabilities are essential to fight future wars, McPherson said, because the military must move large volumes of data at the fastest speed.

McPherson, who spoke about the project this week at the 2nd Annual Air Force IT Day, sponsored by the Northern Virginia chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, said the integrated space picture would improve reconnaissance, surveillance and data relay.

The second delivery for SISP is due in August, McPherson said. SISP is the space equivalent of the Single Integrated Air Picture and the Single Integrated Ground Picture.

The Air Force also plans early next year to consolidate its hundreds of logistics systems into about two dozen systems under the E-Logistics for the 21st Century program, said Grover Dunn, the agency's deputy chief of staff for installations and logistics.

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