Sharp's 3-D technology is changing photography

A new desktop replacement notebook PC from Sharp Systems of America can convert two-dimensional digital images to 3-D with bundled photo-editing software.

The Sharp Smart Stereo Photo Editor and Slide Show program requires two digital photos of the same image taken from different positions. The difference in positions can be as slight as 65 millimeters depending on the camera lens. When processed by the software, a single 3-D image pops out of the screen.

The program is easy to use and customizable in the amount of depth applied to images. It took me only about a minute to master the software and 20 seconds to make a 3-D image.

The Actius RD3D notebook has a 2.8-GHz, desktop-strength Pentium 4 processor, 512M of double-data-rate synchronous dynamic RAM and a 60G hard drive. The high-end components make the desktop replacement unit weigh more than 10 pounds.

By far the most impressive feature is the 3-D screen, which works by filtering light emanated by the LCD so that at the correct distance from the screen'about 21 inches'the viewer's right and left eyes see two distinct perspectives of the same image.

Stay tuned for a GCN Lab review of the $3,368 RD3D and the limits of its 3-D technology.


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