Education wants research proposals from small business

Education wants research proposals from small business

The Education Department is seeking research proposals from small businesses in the areas of state and local consulting and development of educational products.

The department wants research on educational products in reading, mathematics, science or character development at the pre-kindergarten through post-secondary levels, including products used by teachers, administrators and students. It will give out 30 to 35 six-month awards of about $100,000 each in Phase I under the Small Business Innovation Research Program for fiscal 2004.

According to the department's Institute of Education Sciences, an example of business consulting services would be an application or service designed to condense test results into easily interpreted language for teachers and principals. Another example is research that evaluates commercial software to determine which product best meets the needs of the school, district or state financial system. Products can include software applications, supplemental educational materials such as workbooks, and assessment instruments.

The SBIR program aims to stimulate technological innovation, strengthen the role of small businesses in research and development, and increase the commercial application of innovations.

In Phase I, research ideas are evaluated for their scientific or technical merit and feasibility. Phase II applicants are Phase I awardees whose research appears promising. In Phase III, small businesses use non-SBIR capital to pursue commercial applications of their R&D.

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