'Awesome deals:' NMCI holds big yard sale

The Navy-Marine Corps Intranet program office has begun selling tens of thousands of computers and peripherals that were not upgraded to the NMCI environment.

Retired, active-duty and reserve personnel, contractors and civilian workers at military installations, as well as NMCI Strike Force employees, are eligible to purchase the systems, officials said.

Lead contractor EDS Corp. has long had a policy of selling to military personnel the Navy equipment that didn't meet NMCI service-level requirements, EDS spokesman Kevin Clarke said.

As new equipment is installed, excess equipment deemed not suitable for NMCI goes first to Navy or Marine Corps personnel and then to other military users.

'The government used to surplus and sell old computers when we updated our systems,' said Jeff Langenstein, warehouse manager for the NMCI project at Camp Lejeune, N.C. EDS' contract, however, gives it the right to sell the surplus. 'This is a great opportunity for people to get some awesome deals on computer hardware,' he said.

Before the old computers are sold, the service scrubs the hard drives to remove data that could compromise security, Langenstein said. The computers are sold with no software.

An even larger volume of equipment will be available in the spring, officials said, as the program office continues to cut over more seats to the NMCI environment.

The enterprise network eventually will link voice, video and data communications at more than 300 Navy and Marine Corps installations.

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