Air Force tests C2 battle-planning system

Air Force tests C2 battle-planning system

The Air Force has a new command and control tool to test for regular use as part of its arsenal for planning air battles.

Lockheed Martin Corp. last week delivered to the Air Force and the Strategic Command the prototype C2 system that integrates Global Positioning System navigation and satellite information into the battle-planning process.

Under a $2.8 million task order, placed under a pair of contracts held by Lockheed Martin, the C2 system lets commanders plan precision strikes using highly accurate GPS data, Air Force officials said.

The system also gives battle planners access to fly-over data so they can determine when enemy satellites can view battlefield conditions.

Through the two contracts held by Lockheed Martin'the Integrated Space Command and Control and the Theater Battle Management Core Systems projects'the Air Force wants to integrate 40 systems that support space controls, missile defense and air surveillance for the Strategic Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

'The air and space integration effort is a perfect example of how capability-based horizontal integration efforts can yield significant results with minimal costs,' said Frank De Lalla, a Lockheed program director said in a statement.


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