Major programs within the Treasury Dept.

Business Systems Modernization. The IRS is implementing IT to modernize and integrate its business systems, including the new taxpayer database, the Customer Account Data Engine; the Integrated Financial Services system; Modernized e-file for business electronic filing; and consumer and business e-services.

Program Manager: Fred Foreman
Lead contractor: Computer Sciences Corp.

HR Connect. The department is modernizing and integrating its human resources systems using Web technology to provide access to information and services. The services include internal recruitment, online position descriptions, and manager and employee self-service. The project, administered by the Office of Workforce Technology, integrates 90 payroll and personnel systems across Treasury.

Program Manager: Lynn Eddy
Lead contractor: PeopleSoft Inc. Treasury's governmentwide transaction portal offers electronic financial services such as collections, direct billing, identification verification and reporting, to help agencies meet paperwork reduction requirements and consumers to pay some government bills, such as taxes, loans and fees. Treasury's Financial Management Service manages the portal.

Program Manager: Kevin R. Jones
Lead contractor: Dante Consulting Inc.

TCS-DTS Network Telecommunications and Infrastructure. The department plans to advance its data network (TCS) and voice network (DTS), managed by Treasury CIO Drew Ladner as Working Capital Fund projects for Treasury bureaus nationwide. TCS expires in 2005, DTS in 2006. Treasury is opening competition for the follow-on to TCS, known as the Treasury Communications Enterprise, to provide network and enterprise services including voice, data, video and wireless.

Program Manager: Harry Hixon
Lead contractor: Northrop Grumman Corp. for TCS, Verizon Communications for DTS


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    Bmore Responsive: Home-grown emergency response coordination 

    Working with the local Code for America brigade, Baltimore’s Health Department built a new contact management system that saves hundreds of hours when checking in on senior care centers during emergencies.

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    AI-based ‘listening’ helps VA monitor vets’ mental health

    To better monitor veterans’ mental health, especially during the pandemic, the Department of Veterans Affairs is relying on data and artificial intelligence-based analytics.

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