Microsoft dooms MyDoom'but not the next worm

Reacting belatedly to the MyDoom worms that bombarded e-mail systems and its own Web site this month, Microsoft Corp. yesterday released a software patch that removes MyDoom.a and .b from 32-bit Windows 2000 and XP systems.

Most antivirus vendors had already provided similar patches.

Microsoft's free download of Doomcln.exe also restores access to antivirus sites that were blocked if a user opened the malicious executable .ZIP file in a MyDoom e-mail.

Also, the tool removes a back door that the so far unknown worm authors could use for spamming and other purposes; Microsoft's promised $250,000 bounty has gone unclaimed. But the company cautioned that Doomcln cannot protect users against future MyDoom variants or other malware.

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