Energy's Schlarman heads to OMB

The Office of Management and Budget earlier this month hired long-time fed Glenn Schlarman as the new chief of the Information Policy Branch in the Office of Regulatory Affairs.

OMB officials confirmed Schlarman's hiring but did not say when he would start work. Schlarman would not comment on the position. An Energy Department spokeswoman referred all calls to OMB.

At Energy, Schlarman has been associate CIO for information security for the last two years. He replaces Dan Chenok, who left OMB in December to join SRA International Inc. of Fairfax, Va. Before going to Energy, Schlarman had spent seven years as a senior policy analyst at OIRA.

To one former OMB employee, Schlarman was the obvious choice. Tony Frater, who worked with him for three years at OMB, said Schlarman 'is very well respected by the current staff and the rest of the people at OMB.' Frater, who now works for the Washington lobbying firm Dutko Group LLC, said 'he was so good at what he did, people on the budget side saw great value in his knowledge. He brings a lot of credibility to the position.'

For much of his career, Schlarman worked on IT security, Frater said, and that likely was one of the reasons he got the position. 'He has good insight into federal IT generally,' Frater said. 'He will have ideas about policy and architecture and lots of other critical issues affecting agencies today.'

During Schlarman's more than 20-year federal career, he also worked as an FBI analyst.

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