TSA seeks weapons imaging devices

The Homeland Security Department's Transportation Security Administration plans to buy hundreds of machines that can detect concealed weapons carried by people entering airports.

Project Falcon is a procurement to 'develop and deploy a device to discreetly and safely screen persons at checkpoints,' according to a TSA notice. 'The government intends to award a contract for the development of a spot field-of-view, concealed-weapons imaging device for routine metal detection resolution of persons entering airport terminals.'

TSA plans a 30-day pilot using two prototype systems to be provided by a vendor. The notice says TSA plans to buy as many as 750 of the imaging systems if funds become available. TSA would purchase the additional units over the next year, according to the notice.

TSA said it would not issue a formal proposal request or additional information about Project Falcon. TSA public affairs representatives were not immediately available to comment on the project.

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