Net-centric plan will cost $200b, Boeing exec says

The integrated space-air-land-sea battlespace envisioned by the Defense Department and industry will cost about $200 billion over the next decade, Boeing Co.'s Roger Roberts said last week.

The price is based on the approximate $10 billion operating cost per satellite laid out in the Office of the Secretary of Defense's overarching vision, plus $100 billion or more for building next-generation tanks, robotic aircraft and other hardware, said Roberts.

The Boeing senior vice president, who is also chairman of subsidiary Boeing Satellite Systems International Inc. of El Segundo, Calif., spoke at a Washington breakfast sponsored by Boeing.

'The power of net-centric defeats anything that can be done with a single platform,' said Roberts. 'The integrated battlespace can do persistent surveillance and dynamic tasking,' whereas satellites now must have all their tasks defined in advance.

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