Stenbit leaving DOD for pro-bono post

Defense Department CIO John Stenbit today said he has accepted a position on the National Security Agency Advisory Board doing pro-bono work after his retirement.

The board advises NSA's director and Central Security Service on technical issues involving signals intelligence, information security, science, technology, business procedures and management.

Stenbit said he plans to stay in Washington and join some corporate boards. 'My goal is to not work full-time,' he said during an interview today.

Meanwhile, Francis Joseph Harvey, vice-chairman of Duratek Inc., a Columbia, Md., vendor of radioactive waste services, is awaiting Senate confirmation as the next Defense CIO.

Harvey previously was chief operating officer of Westinghouse Electric Co.'s industries and technology group. He also was president of Northrop Grumman Corp.'s Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group.

Stenbit became CIO and assistant Defense secretary for networks and information integration in August 2001. His career spans more than 30 years in government and industry jobs related to telecommunications, and command and control.


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