CorelDraw 12 draws faster

CorelDraw 12 draws faster

The GCN Lab has found that CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 can perform several kinds of design tasks about twice as fast as previous versions.

A new smart drawing tool gets ideas down faster because of a built-in engine that automatically recognizes shapes and interprets freehand line drawings.

With the suite's dynamic guides, I could draw a line, make a shape or place an object exactly where I wanted in one accurate step. This dramatically reduced the time for true-sizing and positioning objects. Once they were ready, an export tool let me easily move the graphical files into Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

A text feature showed details of changes to leading and kerning of fonts regardless of page magnification. I could see and manipulate the type on-screen with ease. Also new was a snap-to-object tool that would save time in laying out projects.

Global sharing of work has become a top priority for users, and Corel Corp. has added Unicode support to the suite. Unicode text has more than 65,000 unique characters to represent many languages. Users can share files in Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, Corel said.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 12 for Microsoft Windows costs $399, or $179 for an upgrade. A free trial version is downloadable.


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