NMCI puts size limit on e-mail attachments

Starting April 1, all attachments to Navy-Marine Corps Intranet e-mail will be limited to 10M, according to a memo posted to the NMCI Web site.

NMCI users who need to share folders and files larger than 10M must use their personal share drive, or H: drive, space. (Click to link to instructions).

Walter Dyer, deputy director for customer relations management in the NMCI Office, said the large attachments are problematic because most are sent to multiple people. 'The mail gets replicated at the server,' he said.

The NMCI saves every e-mail message for a time, so storage issues are a concern, he added.

Dyer gave the example of an NMCI user sending a 10M file to 10 people who each forward the attachment to 10 more people. 'If each of the 10 people you sent the attachment to regards your e-mail as very important and forwards it to 10 of their co-workers, then the storage space requirement has grown from 20M to 100 times 20M, or 2G. It just keeps growing,' Dyer said.

There will be exceptions to the policy, according to Capt. Chris Christopher, NMCI deputy director for future operations. For one, Command Center watch officers will be waived, he said.

Christopher added that 10M is a higher size limit than most government and commercial organizations allow.

'Five megabytes is considered the norm by many organizations but 10M will support the majority of users' needs in NMCI, so we chose the larger size limit,' he said.

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