DOD exercise will help set plans for gas protection system

The Defense Department will use computer modeling to design an advanced chemical and biological protection system for DOD facilities.

To draft plans for the system to better protect Defense sites against bioterrorism attacks, the department will study how airborne contaminants move about outside and inside the Pentagon.

During an exercise dubbed Pentagon Shield, electronic sensors will measure temperature, wind speeds and wind directions and gather data from other specialized measurement systems. The data will be used in computer models to simulate airflow and aid in the design of the protection system.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency will hold the exercise from April 19 through May 15.

According to DOD, a tracer gas will be released during the exercise to simulate how chemical or biological agents would move about the Pentagon. The gas, sulfur hexafluoride, is completely safe and commonly used in airflow testing, the department said.

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