Frustration with NMCI could hurt workforce

NEW ORLEANS - Navy and Marine Corps workers will begin leaving in droves if the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet doesn't begin to drive up efficiency and user satisfaction, a senior vice commander with the Naval Sea Systems Command warned.

Rear Adm. Anthony Lengerich said the legacy application process has been good at reducing duplicative and narrowly focused software applications, but when those apps are taken away, the Navy and lead NMCI contractor EDS Corp. need to get better at quickly replacing the apps.

He said he wants his workers to be proud of the enterprise replacement apps and wants to be able to tell them that although some legacy apps will go away, they will receive even better products to fill the void.

That is not the case today, Lengerich added.

"We will lose the government workforce if we don't very soon start to produce the same level of efficiencies that they've had before," said Lengerich during an address at the 2004 NMCI Industry Symposium. "They will leave and you would leave too, if you worked for a business that no longer had efficient processes."

Lengerich said the Navy and EDS must better manage the NMCI transition. He called for an overlap in government and industry personnel during transition.

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