DARPA funding urban warfare tech

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has issued a solicitation in search of revolutionary technologies to aid warfighting in the urban environment.

Under the Force Multipliers for Urban Area Operations initiative, DARPA seeks to develop technologies to make the planning and execution of urban operations more responsive and flexible.

DARPA is interested in 11 technology areas including:

  • Integrated concepts to reduce casualties while increasing the speed of operations

  • Continued reconnaissance, surveillance and target capabilities

  • New weapons that provide ultraprecise, beyond-line-of-sight lethal and nonlethal capabilities

  • Products to counter guerrillas, suicide fighters and remotely activated improvised explosive devices

  • Command, control and intelligence tools for urban warfighting

  • Tools to reduce the logistics and support infrastructure necessary for urban combat

  • New modeling and simulation systems that train for warfighting.

DARPA plans an initial six- to 12-month technical feasibility demonstration of technologies, followed by development of some of the technologies. Funding for individual products ranges from $50,000 to $400,000 for the first phase of research.

White papers for the initial round of funding are due by July 28, with full proposals due by Oct. 6.


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