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5-megapixel tiny digital camera

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Concord 5345z

The devil is in the details. But sometimes the angels are, too.

The Concord 5345z is the smallest 5-megapixel camera I've ever seen. The prints are so detailed, they are just about as good as conventional photography.

Other than professionals working in the field, nobody will be able to tell the difference between digital and print photography at this level.
And the camera itself is tiny, at 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, and just over an inch thick. It slips easily into your pocket.

I've seen tiny cameras before, but none that can capture perfect 5-megapixel images. I was out taking pictures of the last part of the great East Coast cicada invasion, and when I returned I noticed my prints were exquisitely detailed. I could see every detail in the bugs' wings, even when zoomed in at 400 percent.

Also, I found I could zoom in and pick faces out of the background of my photos, CIA-like. These were people who were not the main focus of the pictures, and were very far away in the background. That requires a detailed print.

The camera also offers several preset modes that help eliminate user error. If you are doing a close-up of a person's face, you choose that mode and the camera adjusts the settings accordingly. The camera also features a continuous shooting mode and can snap three shots one right after the other. That's perfect for sporting events or even speeches, if you need to capture someone in motion doing something more dramatic than pointing at a pie chart.

A final mode is that it can record AVI video clips at 15 frames per second for up to 60 seconds.
One problem: The camera's internal memory is only 9.7M, so you only get five detailed pictures. Buying a large SD Memory Card is a necessity. And the 5345z eats batteries like a lion during feeding time at the zoo. Thankfully, it comes with two rechargeable AA batteries and a charger. Expect a lot of use out of it, or buy a lot of standard AAs.

For detailed digital prints and a simple interface, the 5345z is a real find. And you'll be finding all kinds of important details in your prints when you venture out with this silvery powerhouse.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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