Bill calls for agencies to demonstrate emergency telecommuting

Rep. Danny Davis late last week introduced legislation requiring the Chief Human Capital Officers Council to establish a telework demonstration program with at least two agencies to ensure the government can function in case of emergency.

The Illinois Democrat said at a Government Reform Committee hearing on telework last week that the pilots will provide agencies and lawmakers 'with approaches to gaining flexibility and identifying work processes that should be addressed during an extended emergency situation.'

The test would last for at least 30 days, and the council would send a written evaluation of the demonstration program to Congress 18 months after the president signs the bill into law.

The bill, HR 4797, was referred to the Government Reform Committee.

'We have a great opportunity to demonstrate our capacity' to be prepared in case of an emergency, Davis said at the hearing. 'I hope we can be better prepared because of this program if any emergency arises.'

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