OPM employees win A-76 competition

Office of Personnel Management employees in Georgia won a streamlined competition against the private sector for computer assistance and building management services by underbidding the vendor by more than 50 percent.

The 21 computer assistants and one building management assistant at the Division for Human Resources Products and Services Center for Talent Services in Macon, Ga., bid $4.8 million over five years in part by decreasing the number of staff to 18. The private-sector bid was $8.9 million.

The streamlined competition under the Office of Management and Budget's A-76 Circular is for fewer than 65 employees, simplifies the bidding process and must be completed in 90 days.

OPM's team provides IT technical advice and support for systems design and Web hosting services for several federal agencies.

'Implementing the [winning bid] will reduce the cost of performing this activity by approximately $1,033,907 over the five-year performance period,' said OPM director for management and chief financial officer Clarence Crawford.

This is the 12th public-private competition OPM has conducted and agency employees have won all of them, which translates to a five-year cost savings and cost avoidance of $57.5 million, officials said.


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