Online Extra: Online resources on accessibility and Section 508

The Daltonizing algorithm, developed at Stanford University and available
through the Vischeck site, can pre-process print documents or post-process Web
images right in the user's computer, increasing the contrast for the most
common red/green color visual deficit. You can sample this technology online at and license it through
VisCheck or

Microsoft Corp. also has an informative Web site focusing on color contrast
and how designers can deal with it, at

Other resources on Section 508:

The Section 508 standards themselves are available at

and at

Microsoft's MSDN accessibility page is located at

Microsoft also maintains a Web page of accessible products including screen
readers at

There is a military-related assistance site at

There is a special accessibility wizard for Microsoft PowerPoint at

If you want to know how well your Web site meets Section 508 requirements,
you can try one of these Web site compliance-testing sites: Bobby is used by several federal agencies. WAVE (Temple University) provides 508 and
other testing functions online. A-Prompt identifies and helps repair
problems. AccMonitor - provides 24x7 508
compliance monitoring. AskAlice is
run by SSB Technologies Inc. Lift is run by UsableNet

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