NARA proposes to lighten e-mail record load

NARA proposes to lighten e-mail record load

Under a proposed rule from the National Archives and Records Administration, agencies no longer would have to keep nonessential e-mail in a separate file after their mandated retention period of 90 to 180 days.

NARA yesterday issued the proposal in the Federal Register.

'Allowing agencies to dispense with creating separate record-keeping copies of such documents will reduce the records management burden on agencies and will serve to encourage agency staff to create record-keeping copies of the relatively small proportion of e-mail records that warrant longer-term or permanent retention,' NARA said in the notice.

The rule would let agencies dispose of short-term e-mail records as long as they do not delete messages before they are normally scheduled to be erased.

Short-term records includes those with minimal or no documentary or evidential value, routine requests for information or publications and copies of replies, which require no administrative, policy or special compilation or research actions, and records documenting routine activities such as notification of meetings, work-related trips or other scheduling activities.

Comments on this proposal are due by Jan. 3 to

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