Major programs within DISA

Global Information Grid-Bandwidth Expansion: Through the $900 million program, DISA is creating a Synchronous Optical Network with throughput of 10 Gbps to handle classified and unclassified data. Planned network hubs currently rely on leased connectivity services that range from T1 at 1.544 Mbps to OC-48 at 2.4 Gbps. The throughput will go to bases, posts and stations identified as 'the most critical and needing the largest capabilities at this time.'

Net-Centric Enterprise Services: NCES will use Web services and a service-oriented architecture to offer Defense agencies nine core functions: management, messaging, discovery, mediation, collaboration, user help, security, storage and application.

Defense Information System Network Video Services: This is a global project under DISA's Global Information Grid Combat Support 25, which manages videoconferencing operations on DISN. The project provides military users a bridging service using standard technology for videoconferencing.

Defense Message System: DMS lets users sign messages digitally, allowing them to trace each step a message takes from sender to receiver.

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