Google Mini will index 50,000 documents

Google Mini will index 50,000 documents

A $4,995 mini version of the Google search appliance goes on sale today, designed for smaller agencies than Google's original $30,000 enterprise search appliance.

The vendor has found that 'many people simply go to a search box to find things on a Web site instead of navigating through carefully crafted ontologies and taxonomies,' product manager Matt Glotzbach said.

He said the Google Mini appliance, like its big brother, attempts 'to make all knowledge accessible,' whether located on an intranet or the Web, in databases or in any of 220 different file types. The mini appliance indexes up to 50,000 documents, limited to 2.5M per HTML document and up to 30M per other file type.

The larger appliance indexes up to 150,000 documents with the same limits. A new software upgrade can impose role-based access to content through X509 digital certificates'a feature Glotzbach said was specifically added for security-conscious agencies.

The larger version, in addition to independently crawling through an organization's content, can now accept content pushed directly to it'such as libraries of computer-aided design drawings.

Glotzbach said the Google Mini, once plugged into AC power and a network, can crawl through about 25,000 documents in 24 hours. It is sold online only, unlike the larger appliance, which is available on General Services Administration schedule.

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