Agencies will be waxing wireless in 2005

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System upgrades, funding and IT security also top list of managers' 2005 priorities

Look for wireless and mobile technologies to continue to make substantial inroads into government computing infrastructures in 2005.

In a GCN e-mail survey of 378 government managers, 65 percent expected wireless technologies to become more prevalent this year.

Desktop PCs (58 percent) and notebook PCs (53 percent) will top shopping lists this year, the survey found.

Upgrading systems and IT infrastructures was a major priority in 2005 for 48 percent of respondents. Getting funding for projects'typically a concern, though perhaps more this year'was a close second at 47 percent. Another perennial priority'security'placed third on the list, at 43 percent.

A hefty 91 percent of respondents in the survey were at least somewhat concerned about tight IT budgets this year, according to the survey.

Were respondents troubled about the potential impact of second-term management turnover at their agencies? Up to a point. Twenty-two percent expected such changes to have negative effects on IT plans.

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