USGS backs global warning system idea

Through its Public Warning Network Challenge, the Internet Society is calling for collaborators on an all-media, all-hazards public warning system.

The society has already received endorsements from the U.S. Geological Survey and the international Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association.

'Any organization involved in an aspect of public warning is invited to indicate how they are able to collaborate on this goal,' said Lynn St. Amour, president and CEO of the society, located in Geneva, Switzerland, with a U.S. office in Reston, Va.

'Operational systems have shown that a single authoritative and secure alert message can quickly launch Internet messages, news feeds, television text captions, highway sign messages, and synthesized voice over automated telephone calls or radio broadcasts,' the society noted in its announcement.

USGS noted in its endorsement that it is implementing the Common Alerting Protocol to warn about earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, wildlife diseases and invasive species, as well as to work with other government agencies on hazards such as tsunamis, wildfires and floods.

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