Budget breakdown, agency by agency

How major IT projects fared by agency in 2006 request

Agriculture Department'

'The Service Center IT modernization-Common Computing Environment project to provide a single IT platform for all USDA county offices would receive $103.1 million.

'The department's effort to establish its National Finance Center as a service center for the Human Resources Line of Business e-government initiative would receive $10.8 million.

'The National Animal ID System to help prevent and manage such outbreaks as mad cow disease would get $13 million.

'Geographic Information Systems to support the Farm Bureau program would get $39.1 million, up from $22.1 million.

'The Forest Service Computer Base would receive $121.8 million to maintain IT infrastructure, servers and PCs.

'The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service IT infrastructure would get $39.8 million for an integrated platform.

Commerce Department

'The Patent and Trademark Office Patent Automation System to develop an electronic process for patent applications would receive $80.1 million.

'The 2010 Decennial Census systems design and integration, testing and evaluation would get $93.9 million.

'IT consolidation in the CIO's office would receive $389.6 million, up from $377.3 million.

'The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Weather Service would receive $52.2 million for the Advanced Weather Interactive processing system.

'The Commerce Business System, the department's newly implemented financial system, would receive $35.8 million.

Education Department

'The Central Processing System would see funding drop to $27.5 million from $31.3 million. The system processes student financial aid applications through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

'The Virtual Data Center, a single computing environment for hosting federal student aid application systems, would get $59.6 million.

'The Front-End Business Integration project to integrate front-end student financial aid business processes would see its funding jump to $48.1 million from $20 million.

'The Financial Management Support System would receive $17.3 million.

Environmental Protection Agency

'The Financial Replacement System would see its funding jump to $24.7 million from $15.4 million.

'The Central Data Exchange, a single portal for all environmental data reporting to the agency, would get $11.3 million, up from $9.4 million

'The Enterprise Content Management System would get $14.3 million, up from $3.8 million.

'Technology Infrastructure Modernization would receive $216.8 million.

General Services Administration

'The USA Services Quicksilver project would receive $15.9 million to upgrade its customer relationship management system.

'FirstGov, the federal portal, would maintain its budget request from the previous year at $16.3 million.'

'GSA requested $266.4 million for its office automation, infrastructure and telecommunications systems, $32.5 million more than 2005.

'GSA also is asking for $56.9 million to upgrade its financial system in preparation to be a shared service provider in the financial management Line of Business Consolidation initiative.

Health and Human Services Department

'The Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT would receive $75 million.'

'The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality would get $50 million for grants to demonstrate how health IT improves patient safety.'

'The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services' Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System would get $149.9 million for Medicare claims accounting and other financial operations.'

'The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Informatics Standards effort to accomplish interoperability to share key data would get $68 million.'

'The Food and Drug Administration would get $244 million for food defense and analytic surge testing capacity for biological, chemical and radiological threats for the Food Emergency Response Network and to develop an Emergency Response and Operations Network.

'The Health Resources and Service Administration would get $70 million to track the ability of state and local hospitals to accommodate mass casualties after an attack by a weapon of mass destruction.

'The Unified Financial Management System would receive $59.5 million.

'The CDC National Electronic Disease Surveillance System and electronic communications system would get $13.5 million.

'The CMS Medicare Fee-for-Service Claims Processing Systems Operations would receive $86.3 million.

Homeland Security Department

'The DHS CIO office would receive $303.7 million, a $28.4 million increase from this year.

'A new Screening Coordination and Operations Office would have a budget of $846.9 million.'

'The U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program would receive $390 million, up $50 million from 2005.

'The Transportation Security Administration would receive $174 million for its High Speed Operational Capability program to build out data connects to airport checkpoints.'

'The Homeland Security Operations Center, a 24-hour watch center with high-speed data links worldwide, would receive $61.1 million, a $26.3 million increase.

'The DHS grant program for state and local agencies would be reduced to about $3.6 billion from the current level of about $4 billion.'

'DHS seeks an increase of $19.8 million for the Americas Shield Initiative, which would receive $51.1 million. The Border Patrol program fields advanced technology to stem illegal entry.

'The Science and Technology Directorate's Interoperability and Compatibility Office would receive $20.6 million to foster communications interoperability.

'The National Cyber Security Division would receive $73.3 million, a $5 million increase.

'The Homeland Security Data Network program for classified data links would receive $37 million.

'The Electronically Managing Enterprise Resources for Government Effectiveness and Efficiency program, also known as Emerge2, would receive $30 million to build out the department's financial systems. A similar program to create DHS' human resources backbone, known as MAXHR, would receive $53 million.

'The Information Sharing and Collaboration program, which links databases across the government, would receive $16.5 million.

Housing and Urban Development Department

'Details will be provided in April.

Justice Department

'The Justice Information Sharing Technology Project would receive $181.5 million, up from $24.9 million this year.'

'Justice requested $128 million for building out the Integrated Wireless Network advanced radio and data services program, an increase from the current $98.6 million level.'

'The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force requested $14.5 million for a Fusion Center where law enforcement data would be merged and analyzed.

'The FBI requested $20 million for deployment of the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information LAN to about 20 field offices, and to add 250 headquarters users to the network. Support for the network cost $15.5 million in 2005

'The bureau requested $7.7 million to provide Internet access to FBI employees.'

'The FBI asked to increase funding for its CIO office from $462,000 to $7 million. The funds would pay for contractor support to the CIO's program management office, planning and policy office, and chief technology officer.

'The Next Generation Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System would receive $16.8 million.'

'The Drug Enforcement Administration requested $15.6 million for IT projects, including modernizing the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Information System, upgrading an intelligence analysis system called Speedway, and creating a virtual private network.

'The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives requested $6 million to build the Terrorist Explosives Device Analysis Center, a database for analytical reports about investigations and intelligence gleaned from examining bombs and studying bombing incidents. The FBI also would contribute $6 million to the new program.

Labor Department

'The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.'s IT infrastructure program would receive $43.8 million.

'The Federal Employees Compensation System would get $10.8 million.

National Archives and Records Administration

'NARA requested $35.9 million for its Electronic Records Archive project, the same amount as this year.

'The agency requested $4.6 million for its online archival research catalog and $3.9 million to expand its online services.

National Science Foundation

'NSF requested $6.6 million for its FAST Lane grants management system.

'The agency asked for $10.2 million, up $3.4 million, for its Proposal, Review and Awards Management Integration System.

Office of Personnel Management

'The Retirement Systems Modernization project would receive $27.4 million, a reduction of $18.2 million.'

'OPM also plans on spending $7.2 million on Recruitment One-Stop and $7 million on the Enterprise Human Resources Integration e-government project.

Small Business Administration

'SBA requested $27.3 million to continue upgrading its infrastructure and telecommunications, $6.1 million more than this year.

'SBA asked for $2.1 million for its Loan Monitoring System, which will move into an operation and maintenance mode.

Social Security Administration

'The Medicare Modernization Act project, which includes an electronic process to support Medicare reform legislation, would receive $61.3.

'SSA's IT Infrastructure project would receive $398.8 million to provide a data computing architecture for fast and accurate processing of claims.

State Department

'The Information Resources Management program would receive $708.3 million, including $249 million for the IT Central Fund.

'The department's Centralized IT Modernization account would receive $74.1 million. Among other maintenance and upgrade functions, the program would create 30 new virtual private networks in 2006, bringing the total to 300.

'State plans to spend $40 million on bandwidth around the world via the Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office and other programs, including satellite providers and Internet service providers.

'The central fund includes $39.7 million for the State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset, an upgraded system for transmitting both informal e-mail and formal policy documents.

'The fund also supports $4.4 million for the department's Travel Manager program for travel planning and billing automation.

Transportation Department

'Transportation's IT consolidation would get $235.6 million, up from $192.1 million this year.

'The Financial Management System Consolidation project would receive $44.1 million to consolidate 43 department financial management systems and support the department's bid to become a service center for the financial management line of business.

'The Federal Aviation Administration's Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System would get $144.1 million to modernize air traffic control facilities.

'FAA's Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures would get $117 million. The system integrates flight and radar data processing, detects conflicts between aircraft, provides data link and surveillance capabilities, and automates manual processes.

'En Route Automation and Modernization would get $340.2 million.

'The Wide Area Augmentation System would receive $124.4 million, up from $122.6 million, to enhance accuracy for general aviation pilots who use the Global Positioning System.

'The Federal Motor Carrier Administration Modernization project would receive $29 million to align Web applications and business processes with FMCA's enterprise architecture.

Treasury Department

'IRS Business Systems Modernization would receive $199 million, a slight drop from $203.4 million.

'Collection Contract Support would get $38.5 million.

'The Customer Account Data Engine would receive $109.9 million for the new tax filer database.

'E-services for tax professionals would get $8.1 million.

'The Departmentwide Integrated IT infrastructure would receive $1.2 billion to incorporate IT governance, performance, value, security, and continuity planning and management

'Pay.gov, Treasury's governmentwide transaction portal that also provides electronic financial services to agencies, would get $19.5 million.

'HR Connect, which provides human resources services to three federal agencies, would receive $25.6 million.

Veterans Affairs Department

'The Core Financial and Logistics System would see its funding double to $70.1 million. VA plans for CoreFLS to replace separate financial systems across the department.

'The VistA Imaging program to help provide complete online patient data to health care providers would receive $86 million.

'HealtheVet VistA, a project to replace VA's legacy VistA processing system by rehosting, enhancing or re-engineering current health care applications, would get $311.3 million.

'VA Computing Infrastructure would get $156.3 million to refresh department IT hardware.

'The Enterprise Cyber Security Program would get $164.7 million.

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