Major programs within the Marines

Marine Corps Enterprise Network: MCEN is the Marine component of FORCEnet, the Navy's operational and architectural framework connection to the Defense Department's Global Information Grid. MCEN supports all information exchange for Marines and supporting staff for both warfighting and business functions.

Navy-Marine Corps Intranet: NMCI will link roughly 411,000 sailors and Marines at 300 shore sites via a common voice, video and data portal.
8Marine Corps Enterprise IT Services: This framework would integrate and align the Corps' applications, databases and networks into an integrated, layered architecture for delivery of net-centric enterprise information services.

Marine Corps Integrated Architecture Picture: MCIAP is an effort to develop an integrated graphical depiction of information from Marine Air Ground Task Force systems.

Common Aviation Command and Control System: CAC2S is a coordinated modernization effort to support the battlefield deployment of Marine Air Command and Control System equipment. CAC2S would eliminate the use of stovepiped aviation command and control systems.

Unit Operations Center: The center provides a centralized facility to host command and control systems. It also provides tents, power, cabling, and LAN and processing systems. It will also host mission application software for remote operations.

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