OMB's plans for private financial service centers due soon

ORLANDO, FLA.'The Office of Management and Budget expects to release its plans for vendor-operated federal financial service centers this month, the government's e- government chief said today.

'What we will be working on this year is a project plan for private industry competing for financial industry and human resource service centers,' Karen Evans said at the Information Processing Interagency Conference here.

Evans, who is OMB's e-government and IT administrator, said the plan is to add privately run service centers to the existing federal service centers.

In the fiscal 2006 budget request, OMB named the General Services Administration, Interior Department's National Business Center, the Transportation Department and the Treasury Department's Bureau of the Public Debt as candidates to become governmentwide financial service providers.

The administration also plans to establish private-sector centers for the Human Resources Line of Business. OMB named the Agriculture Department's National Finance Center, the Defense Department, the Health and Human Services Department, the National Business Center and Treasury as potential human resources service providers (see related story).

Evans said the existing federal service centers would compete to provide financial management and human resources services alongside the new private centers.

The project plans are under review, she added.

The financial management centers will handle core services such as accounts receivable, she said.

'In our vision, there will be a short list, [agencies] will send their statements of work to the short list with performance measures, and they will bid on it,' Evans added. 'We want to contract in a way that is efficient and reduces cost.'

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